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How to manifest a new home
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 Posted: Thu Nov 6th, 2008 07:58 pm


I am currently in a sittuation where I am staying with relatives and it is not an easy task for me at all . I had my apartment for 3 1/2 years  and have been on my own since the age of 21 (39 years old now ) but I just walked away from it because of other sittuations ( my place was broken into twice and that is not the half of the story ) . But  I am being kicked when I am already down . I have been praying and trying the best I can to bring about changes and dont get me wrong I am grateful for what GOD and the angels are doing in my life .  Last night I was reading my book By Doreen Virtue about manifesting a new home and that is what I try to do day in and out . There is a site that I visit when I need angel guidance and I keep getting the angel of manifesting for three days in a row now and I am wondering if this is a clue or hint . I am not wanted where I am living I also feel the tension and the negativity everywhere in the house and I need  advice as to how to bring about this change for a place of my own again and to be able to feel safe and secure there too .

I know that GOD is preparing me for the transition , because other areas of my life are great . I just got my promotion on my job , I completed a 4 year college degree I have been blessed to have excellent health as I had my blood tested for just about every disease and I am grateful . I talk to GOD and the angels daily sometimes its just to say thank you for being who they are but I am crying out for help . This is beyond me because I usally keep my private life private but I feel safe here to vent my issues but please pray that I am able to find a place of my own and some advice on how to manifest as maybe I am not doing something right . The color purple always seems to flash the screen when I type something on this site I feel that is a good sign at least I hope so .

Thank you for taking the time to read this note I just feel very low in my spirit because of all what I have experinced since I lived  in this environment .

Please pray for me as I am always praying for you too



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